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I had THE best shoulder workout I think i’ve ever had tonight.  Man, I was REALLY focused and went slow.  It rocked!  It’s amazing how powerful our minds are.

This morning you know I was up for some early morning cardio.  I think I did 53 mins.  Then I made my oatmeal sandwich YUM!


So I’ve been a little wishy washy on posting lately.  Feeling puffy, feeling good, feeling bloated, feeling good.  Well….I got my monthly oil change today!  I would say it’s a week early but since i’m not regular anymore i’m not sure what to think?  That just goes to show Doctors suck and they may get a lucky diagnosis sometimes but 80% of the time I think they just suck.  They get peeved at me because I WON’T take Provera but look at me now!  I started on my own LOL!  Some natural supplements that my trainer prescribed and things are working again.  YIPPEE!!



I find serial killers VERY intriguing.  I watch those shows over and over and over. 


 I’m making caramel cheetos this weekend for a Christmas party and I WILL eat a few.



I gave Boomer a Jumbbone so she wouldn’t bother me while i’m typing this post.  She has been VERY full of energy lately. 


You wouldn’t be caught dead, where?  Using a port o potty for me YUCK!  I’d drop trou and squat in the grass.

'Frank! No! It's 'POP!' 'POP Goes the Weasel!'' by White, Andy



  1. Glad you had such a great shoulder workout! Shoulders are my absolute FAVORITE body part to work and the one area I don’t mind adding size:)

    I hear you on feeling “wishy washy” on both blog posting AND body imagine. Ever since my competition ended, I feel like I’ve hit a motivational wall and it’s just HORRIBLE! I went from flying high for 4.5 months straight to trying to figure out balance…which is something I’ve lacked my entire life. I’m an “all in” or “all out” kinda gal- not good for me mentally, especially after such a drastic body transformation. Sigh. I guess I finally know what the gals mean when they say “there IS no off season”. I’ve just got the type of body that will always have to “work for it”, dangit:(

    • Yes it’s a tough road to go down. Seeing your body at it’s best and then a day later out of whack. Yes, there is no off season with me either. Like you though I have to be all in are my body falls all out LOL!

  2. Amy

    i can relate I’ve been feeling so bloated and yucky lately. Getting irritated that my lower body lacks any definition after 1 1/2 years of weight training.
    Dexter is my fav, I’m intrigued by serial killers too. Would love to interview one and ask them just what makes them tick. I don’t get it.

  3. That’s funny! I sort have an odd fascination with serial killers too! I watch shows about those and prison documentaries whenever they are on.

    • I always turn the TV to Investigated Discovery channel and Mike hates it!

  4. Wow your link to caramel cheetos just made me very excited.
    and so did your email/comment to me…lol!

    And great workout. Wow! Best ever?! that’s big!

  5. Hi Red! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today! Your words meant so much to me.

    Your story is remarkable!!!! I am definitely adding you to my list of bloggers to visit.

  6. I, too, have been up and down with body image (and blogging) lately. It’s just so frustrating.

    And I hear you on the doctor stuff. I’m hoping I’m not in the doctor-suckking group. Some of us are ok, right? 🙂 I do my best to help my patients but sometimes it doesn’t work out.

    I won’t take the provera either, by the way. There are definitely other things to utilize (supplements, etc.) as not one thing fits all with wellness. Maybe try an alternative approach or a more open-minded doc?

  7. My Boomer twin has been very frisky too – it’s the cold weather. Ms. Lucy will run and run and run around outside, get herself into trouble by finding random things like golf balls, get the other beast in Trouble, I swear she is 2 years old again (old woman is now 8ish). I just find it funny that she still sounds like Darth Vader as she huffs and puffs up/down the stairs despite all the energy.

    Yay for a good workout and other things panning out. 🙂

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