Flash Back Friday

Can you find me?

Oh the 90’s…. When the disks were floppy, my hair was stiff and all my stickers were scratch and sniff …

Thanks Amy!  You can’t guess either because I KNOW you know me 🙂




  1. I totally had those bangs, fro, and more!

  2. oh my! I can’t even begin to find you. Although I will say I had those bangs that started like behind my ears. hehe

  3. Margarita

    Left side, right on the side of 6th row 😉 Nice hair! LOL

  4. Ah, the good old days! How did we even get by back then without text messaging and Facebook? Crazy stuff 🙂

  5. I couldn’t find you but I found Waldo! 🙂

  6. louisa

    5 rows from bottom on left side?

    • That’s me!

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