Blah…i’m hibernating.  This weather SUCKS!!  Driving 20 mph SUCKS!!  You know what doesn’t suck?  My workouts WOO!  I’m still on fire!  Maybe i’ll melt some of this snow.  Seriously…the northern part of Indiana is shut down.  This means my job is sucking too.  No parts, no product.

I did get out Saturday night for our friends Christmas party.  It was a blast!  The hit of the party wasn’t the caramel cheetos, fudge, corn casserole or the vodka punch although it was VERY good.  It was the “punch bowl” I told Mike to get.  He ended up getting this HA!

Mike tends to be a metrosexual but when I saw this I teased him of moving up to the next tier 😉


Did you hear the news?  Ryan Reynolds is on the market! Well, they’re seperated but still WOOHOO!



  1. Natalie

    I’m originally from NW Indiana and right now I’m a little more south for college, but I heard the storm up there has been horibble! They were in a ‘state of emergency’ it was so bad — let’s just hope the wind stops blowing over the lake since I’m moving back up there next week!

    • I’ve got my fingers crossed for you!

  2. haha, love the bowl! And I knew that marriage (scarlet and reynolds) would last long!

  3. And we southern CA ones are worried about the upcoming rain that will ruin our weekend & colder weather… I know, babies!

    BUT, I grew up on the east coast in the snow so I get it. When I was young, we were snowed in by 8 foot snow drifts! I walked up hills in the snow to junior high too.. a true story! Really! As a kid, I am glad I experienced the seasons.. as an adult, I rather drive to the mountains for snow!

  4. Lexi

    I grew up in the south with only about 2 seasons. Now I live further north & I’m experiencing my first real winter…not a fan so far. Speaking of hiberating, do you have any tips for purchasing a home treadmill? I gotta get in my cardio.

    That party spread looks amazing.

    • I’m used to it and I know it’s coming but I hate it every time!

      I’ve always bought Proform treadmills. I get mine from Sears and I buy their extended 5 year warranty. Trust me, I don’t care what brand it is you will use the warranty 🙂

  5. Love the snowman with the sign! We got our first big snowfall overnight but it’s a pittance compared to what everyone else is getting. At least no one will be complaining about a lack of a white Christmas this year!

  6. I’ve been out of town so away from the news apparently, I didnt hear about Indy–I will have to check on my relatives up there! LMAO @ the snowman pic!

  7. The weather IS icky lately like everywhere! In Pittsburgh today the wind chill brings the temp. to a lovely 2* ahhh! THAT PUNCH BOWL IS SO COOL!!

  8. I saw the Bears game this past weekend – having lived in Western Michigan and seeing all the snow Chicago was getting, I cringed my nose a little bit. So glad I found Texas – no lake effect snow here.

  9. From what I remember growing up in Michigan, the first few moments of all of that snow is really awesome and that quickly gives way the the feeling of bleh. Winter is rough!

    Great looking party spread 🙂 Hope you stay warm!

  10. oh,i lol’d at that punch bowl!
    and im so glad i moved from IN!!!!
    just a little snow in VA,and not as bitter cold!!!


    glad to hear your still rockin the workouts!
    your awesome!!!

  11. Haha! That punch “bowl” is awesome!! =)
    I know what you mean about the cold, it’s faaa-reeezing!!!

  12. Sunnie

    Love that punch bowl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. I didn’t hear the news about Ryan – eek!

    That snowman is so sad! LOL

    Glad your workouts are still on fire -nice!

  14. You probably hate me right now. Although its actually raining now, it was 80 degrees a few days ago in LA. I vote you “hibernate” in LA next year!

  15. tmgirl60

    Yay for the good workouts!

  16. I am LOL at that snowman picture!! HAHAHAHAHA

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