Did you Know?

Did you know?

My Christmas shopping is DONE!

Did you know?

I think Kid Rock is sexy.


Did you know?

You don’t think you will get those stray hairs on your chin when you age…BUT YOU WILL!

Did you know?

I’ve made TONS of fudge this Christmas season.  My co-workers love it!

Did you know?

I’m getting ready to make these.  How cute!

Did you know?

I gave Mike an early Christmas present.  He’s going to the Colts game today.  He has a Faulk, Sanders and Stokley jersey so Manning is a sure way to know your jersey will be around for a bit.

Did you know?

My work building is decorated for Christmas.  On the front there is “Unto Thee A Child Is Born” with the manger scene.  Also a huge tree of lights.  No holiday parties here.

Did you know?

Reindeer milk has more fat than cow’s milk.

A photo of a reindeer bull in Norway 

Did you know?

If I was really hibernating for winter I would have saved $230 by not going to Super Target.

What fun things are you making for Christmas?

 I’m making a seven layer salad to take to my mom’s for Christmas Eve.  For Mike’s family I need to bring a finger food.  Hmmm….she’s not having a big dinner which is PERFECT if you ask me 🙂



  1. Sunnie

    LOL! about Kid Rock. Thanks for reminding me about the chin hairs, that is just something else to look forward to when we get ancient!
    Those cookies are adorable!

  2. Hooray for being done with shopping! No Kid Rock here. For some reason, I really do not like long hair on men.

    Chin hair? Wait until you hit 40 LOL!

    We have baking to start tonight. Nutmeg logs, white chocolate/cranberry cookies, french macarons (kind of scared of these).

  3. man, you spoil your coworkers and mike! Such a good wife/friend! And yes, I am fully aware of the chin hairs. BOO!

  4. Yay for being done with shopping. Must be a relief!

    Kid Rock lived a few miles from where I grew up and he’d play some of the dives in my hometown before he got all big and famous. Funny, huh?

    Love the cookies you are making. How cool. I’m going to make cookies for our friends instead of presents this year. We have to get started soon though–Christmas is sneaking up on me this year 🙂

  5. I seriously don’t know how people wait last minute to get their shopping done-yay for being done!

    Rock on with your Kid Rock lovin–you can keep him! 🙂 I like dirty but not long hair dirty.

    Interesting fat about reindeer milk!

  6. Balls of course…chocolate, coconut, maybe cakeballs… 🙂

  7. Did you know that I didn’t know any of the above? 🙂

    Wish my shopping was done. Of course if I knew what to get it would be!


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