Navitas Naturals Review

Thanks to Navita Naturals for sending me the above to sample.  Here’s what I received:

The hemp seeds are GREAT in a salad or just snagged out of the bag.

The trail mix is potent.  Wow, i’m not a big dried fruit lover anyway.  The berries are really tart.  I gave them to a lady I work with and she really liked it.

The lip balm tastes like cacao.  I really need this for the winter time!



  1. Yum at that lip balm! 😉

  2. Um, yeah, I want that lip balm!!

  3. Margarita

    Now you can also add Navitas Chocolate Kit to your review 😉

  4. I need that lip balm between meals and during holiday time! lol!

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