Oops I did it again

I tell myself every holiday that I won’t over do it. Sure people say that is what the holidays are for blah blah….My body type simply CANNOT handle sweets for 3 consecutive days. Remember my post about being happy with my body


tight clothes can also lead to yeast infections amongst men and women


It’s almost like I like plumping up so I can lose it again or something.  Don’t worry, after this salt leaves my body in a week i’ll feel better 🙂


I had a fabulous Christmas!  My top present was a new laptop.  Thank goodness!  Mine was running super slow..not this one YIPPEE!


I’m not doing anything tomorrow for New Year’s Eve.  To me it’s like another birthday or something.  I use to go all out watch the ball drop sometimes not remember the night before but not this year.   What are you plans?



  1. congrats on the laptop!

    and happy 2011 Hon!

    as for nonstop sweets…yes, that’s halloween thru easter for most people 🙂

  2. A pot luck at a friend’s house. Safe, simple and warm. Works for me. The last couple years I’ve been in my jammies at home and part of me wishes I were doing that this year too but it will be nice to do something different. Enjoy your New Year’s Eve at home.

  3. yea for a new laptop! I never really plan anything for new years. Just kinda let it happen on whim. But to be honest, I’d love to be in bed snoring, haha.

  4. Krissa

    Glad you had a nice Christmas!

    What laptop did you get? My laptop is running super slow too. My internet keeps “not reponding.” Called Comcast and they said I had a horrible connection and I needed to contact my wireless internet router com[any. So I bought a new router. Still having the same problem. So I think I need a new computer too.

    Any suggestions?

  5. Glad you had a nice Christmas, girl!! 🙂

  6. New Laptop- awesome! 😉 I don’t have any huge plans for NYE- and I could care less. I spent a few too many NYE out in my twenties and there was not one that I can remember that was FUN!! haha

  7. Sounds like you had a great holiday–I’m glad you indulged a little!

    Tonight we are going to stay home (finally just the two of us after a prolonged family visit) and cook something easy but tasty and celebrate the end of the year. We embrace our oldness!

  8. What kind of computer did you get? Sounds like Santa was good to you this year!

    • It’s an HP…that’s all I know LOL! I had an HP laptop and I got an updated one 🙂

  9. Hey, don’t be too hard on yourself over indulging a bit for the holidays. It’s best if we can find a balance of having some treats to celebrate the season while not over-doing it, but that can be much easier said than done! I know I over did it this Christmas, but I am also really happy and proud of myself for getting back to exercising and healthy eating afterwards. So be proud of all the healthy things you do for your body and mind and don’t stress over the little stuff. =)

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