Happy New Year!  I’m off today YIPPEE!  How did you spend New Year’s Eve?  Mike and I went to bed at 9p. HA!


This is going to be a great year.  We have some fun house projects in our minds, i’m going to the Arnold in March, and then we’re going to Boston in April.


Now I have to confess something.  First it was Jersey Shore.  I just HAD to watch it and couldn’t stop.  Now it’s Bridalplasty.  It’s so wrong but i’m addicted.  Have you heard of this show?

A group of engaged girls are competing to have their dream wedding.  Each girl has an insecurity they wantto fix.  For ex. nose job, boob job, liposuction or some other body part they feel bad about.  Each week the girls compete for top bride and the winner gets plastic surgery.  It’s pretty ridiculous.  A girl also gets eliminated each week and at the end the hostess says…Your wedding will go on it just won’t be perfect LMAO!!! 


Oh yes, we had an earthquake last Thursday.  We don’t have many here so it was pretty cool.  I was in the office and the building shook just a bit.  We all looked at eachother like WTFudge was that?

Have you felt an earthquake?  For those of you in California I know it’s pretty much like snow falling in Decemeber here.



  1. i’ve heard of that show, crazy!! I wonder if the groom even recognizes them. Oh and the earthquake in Indiana is bizarre. I’ve only felt them when living in hawaii. Then we’d always have a tsunami alert!

  2. I have not seen that show. We had an earthquake here that my hubby felt and I didn’t. He thought someone had run into the building.

  3. I don’t watch either of the shows you mentioned but have heard of them both. Jersey Shores – drives me crazy that those people make so much money just for being jerks.. the other one… first heard about it when The Soup made fun of it. OMG! 😉

    Enjoy your day off & yes, being in southern CA, felt a lot of earthquakes!

    • I saw a map of earthquakes in the last 24 hours the day we had ours. There was one dot on Indy and one on Oklahoma and Cali was full of dots ha!

      OMG..the show is SO wrong!!!

  4. Enjoy your day off!

    We had an earthquake in the northeast last summer. It was so bizarre because at first I thought I was feeling dizzy, then I saw the pictures and mirrors rocking.

  5. I’m glad I”m not the only one addicted to Bridalplasty. So wrong but so right!! It’s sitting in my DVR right now waiting for me. Yep…plenty of earthquakes here. They’ve slowed down a bit though which is good. Happy New Year.

  6. 2011 is going to be an amazing year for you! Happy new year!

  7. Too funny 🙂 I heard about Bridalplasty, actually, from my brother-in-law who said the show is just mesmerizing.

    Experiencing an earthquake is so bizarre. I’ve felt a bunch here in SoCal but it never feels “normal” or anything. Probably because I’m from the midwest.

    Happy New Year and have a great day off!

  8. That’s crazy – we get earthquakes around here every so often but I think that’s because they’re drilling of natural gas or something. It is crazy though!

  9. When I saw the ad for Bridalplasty I thought it was a joke…..yet I’m strangely intrigued

  10. no earthquakes for me!

    i’m off today too – woo!

    9 p.m.? Yo go girl – I was up about 7 hours after you… uh-oh! We had a nice time with our friends though!

  11. i have heard of that show it makes me angry!!! I’ve been watching ‘bulging bride’ on foxtel here lately, which is motivating for me . ah people working hard to change what they don’t like! 🙂

  12. oh goodness! that show sounds soooo wrong at so many levels!!!!
    and an earthquake?…last one i was in was in terre haute,IN! cant remember if that was before or after the flood…

  13. We get a lot of earthquakes here but most go unfelt. Happy New Year April!

  14. I’ve heard of that show but have yet to watch it. Sounds like something I’d (secretly) enjoy 😀
    I’ve never felt an earthquake (live in New Brunswick, Canada) I imagine they’d be terrifying!

  15. Holy moley I don’t know what I’d do. I bet that was pretty scary. Can’t imagine the ground moving and not being able to control it. ugh!

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