GYMBOSS review

I was sent a GYMBOSS to review for you and I couldn’t be happier with a product than I am right now.

Where has this been?  I love this little gadget!  You know I love intervals and they couldn’t get any more fun with this.

You can have the GYMBOSS set to vibrate or beep your choice.  The fun part is going to get Boomer trained to run and walk when she hears the beeps.  If you have any questions let me know!


Price: at only $19.95, the Gymboss is much more affordable compared to other watches/timers that can cost well over $100.

Size: the Gymboss is the size of a pager, so it can go wherever you go. Whether you’re traveling for business and don’t feel like sitting in your hotel room or you want to exercise at the beach, this timer takes up very little space.

Features: if you are interval training or using a stopwatch for sprints, the Gymboss has you covered as it provides both functions.

Accuracy: why worry about constantly looking at the clock to see when to resume your workout? Gymboss allows you to precisely time your work-to-rest time ratios, allowing you to concentrate on your muscle group instead of the clock.

Goals: whether you want to shed pounds or increase your reps in a given time period, this timer will help you reach your fitness objectives.

Simplicity: the Gymboss offers a simple, easy to use 3-button setup that allows you to quickly change interval times for different workouts.

Alarms: the timer has a vibration function that lets you know when to start and stop, even when using headphones or an ipod.  Gymboss also has a long  as well as short beeper alert for when you’re in a noisy gym. 

Time constraints: accurate timing gives your workout structure within the workout, thus giving you control of the overall duration of each session. This leaves you more time for  many of the other things life may throw at you.



  1. I love my gymboss! seriously LOVE IT!

  2. Sounds very cool!!!!

  3. Sounds neatttt!!

  4. thank you for the review! there are sooo many gadgets on the market, it’s great to hear one that someone i trust and know, likes. thank you!

  5. Good Luck getting Boomer trained – between my beast and parent’s dog Lu (Boomer’s Twin) they pull way too much to pay any attention to a beep, let’s just say they like to take me for a walk/run/drag down the street lol. Hope Boomer is doing well though!

  6. I totally need one of these!! Time to do some shopping!

  7. Margarita

    Funny I’ve been emailing you all these questions about Gymboss today… You could have just referred me to your blog, silly! 😉 And my Gymboss is already on its way! YEY! I should have it for my workouts in a few days. 😀

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