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What a GREAT weekend I had!  Our friends from Alabama stayed with us Friday and Saturday night.  This makes me want to run a bed and breakfast.  I had so much fun fixing breakfast and just talking with them.

Saturday morning I made a breakfast casserole and Sunday biscuits and gravy.


The best part of the weekend was instead of worrying about eating and working out I just relaxed and enjoyed myself.  My mind was free.  No, I still had my food but just went with the flow.  I need more weekends like this.

I didn’t once think of my fat, or how awful I feel about myself.  I know these are shallow things to think but sometimes I just get in these moods. 


Now I didn’t worrying about exercising but I did while they were at their parents.  I did P90X Plyos and man, my calves and quads are still sore.  It was a good one!


Do you like the movie Boondock Saints I know random question, but we’re watching it.  I love it!



  1. Never even heard of it! And girlie, you look GREAT! So no need to worry about your microscopic fat that only YOU can see. 🙂 I know, we are our own worst critics esp when it comes to that stuff.

    Glad you had a nice weekend–Looove me some biscuits and gravy!

  2. Never heard of that movie.. ever!

    We all need a weekend or a day or two like that every so often! We work hard! It is when they become every day of eating like that when the probs start.. the R&R, I can take that forever! 🙂

  3. That must have felt so great to be relaxed like that. I’m glad you had such a fun time with your friends 🙂

    We saw that movie ages ago and liked it. It’s fun to watch. The sequel? Not so much. It’s one of my brother in law’s favorite movies.

  4. The plyo from P90X is CRAZY!!

  5. I haven’t had sausage gravy and biscuit in forev but now I want it. Yours looks delish!

    I never seen Boondock Saints but hear it’s a great flick. I think it may be too dark for my taste though.

  6. So glad to hear you had such an excellent, relaxing weekend! =)

  7. Sarah

    I just came across your bicep pics from a year ago. That picture is so motivating! Do you still have guns like that?

    • I believe I do 🙂

  8. Heard of the movie but don’t believe I’ve ever watched it. You’d be your own boss with your own B&B and you wouldn’t have far to commute 🙂

  9. wow that breakfast looks to die for. I can see the savory goodness reflected in the picture completely

  10. Oh man I LOVE biscuits-n-gravy! Everytime I come to IN my grandma makes them for me! I wish I knew how to make them though!

    Sounds like an awesome weekend! 🙂

    • Pillsbury grand biscuits, Bob Evans already made sausage gravy LOL! That’s how I made it 😉

  11. I love my stability balls. Hey! Did you see the stability ball chair that Giam (spelling?) makes? It’s pretty nifty! Perfect for in the office. tho just a tad bit pricy

    • A few people I work with have them. I think the company bought them hmmmm…..:)

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