He is an old Japanese man 🙂  He’s always got apples and bananas and yogurt in his goody cabinet.  I am serious about the yogurt.  He doesn’t keep it in the fridge.  Maybe it’s an old Japanese secret?


I just find it funny what others snack on compared to most Americans.

By looking at my snack drawer at work you’d think my New Years resolution would be to eat MORE junk food…. Ugh. 

No this is not my drawer.  I get asked just about everyday if I want cookies or someting else someone has brought in.  Of course I WANT it but i’m not going to eat it.  I have come to a point in my lifestyle where I know that the cookie is just going to make me want more and it will not fill me up or give me what my body needs.  I’d much rather fill up on vegetables.

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What’s in your snack drawer?  Mine has 100 calorie almond packs.


  1. Very funky about not keeping the yogurt in the fridge. In my snack drawer, I have crackers, Kashi bars, apples and kiwi (I take them out after a few days if I dont eat them of course). No dairy that I know of!

  2. I don’t have anything in my foood drawer anymore except for some Crystal Light! I need to add some snacks though because I find myself starving sometimes, but I refuse to go to the vending machine. I’m going to the grocery store today, so I’m glad you posted this!

  3. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting! Yes, every day there are things I “want” but don’t eat OR don’t buy or don’t have. It is all about priorities & life.

    I don’t have a snack drawer but I do love my almonds as a little snack or sometimes some protein powder mixed with water or low sodium slices of turkey breast meat…

  4. I have no snack drawer, but IF I did, it would definitely have nuts, dried fruit, fresh fruit, and peanut butter (wait..that could be dangerous!)!!

  5. My snack drawer just has reduced fat cheez its – but I keep a lunchbox in the fridge with yogurts and light string cheeses!

  6. Sundie

    No snack drawer here either. I have my meals all planned out like most of us and they fit in my cooler. My cooler is attached to my hip every single day!

  7. My snack drawer would look like this old Japanese man’s drawer minus the warm yogurt (I like mine cold!). I am an apple freak.

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