Sweaty Bands Review

Thank you Sweaty Bands for sending me a few of your non slip head bands to review.  As you can see.  I sweat. 


These don’t slip and are very soft.  They also have cute styles you can wear all day.  Thick or thin, you choose!


Easy to hand wash, air dry.


Don’t believe me?  Check out these testimonials.



  1. Do they REALLY not slip? I mean really???? I have a hard time keeping any kind of headband on my head! I used to have these rather skinny ones a girlfriend gave me cause they kept pulling her hair and they had a really nice rubber side that stuck pretty good to my head. I of course have since lost all of them and can’t seem to find them in the stores anymore.
    Do these have rubber on the backside?

    • Yep, they REALLY don’t slip 🙂 The inside is like a soft velvet material and the underneath is a band. I really like them!

  2. I dont know what I love more-the fact that they have thin non slip ones or ones that the design is called Big Balls!

  3. I am always look for hair tying back options that dont PULL my hair out, i.e. too tight of pony tail holders that rip my hair out when i remove them. Or the other problem, loose ones that never stay put.

  4. Nice! My nike ones slip bad – SO annoying!

  5. Cute headband!! I need one like that!

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