You ate what? Phase 1

I loved all the pear shaped responses 🙂  Some love it, some don’t.  Jody mentioned there are things you can do to help your pear shape.  I have widened my shoulders to look broader so that i’m more of an hourglass.  However, I still don’t have boobs.  Just don’t get too wide or you won’t fit into your size S shirts.


What did this girl eat?

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Oh yes, this stuff was LOW IN FAT.  NO FAT = THIN right?

I wouldn’t go near a nut if you paid me.  Now fats are my friends and enemies.  I think restricting them when I was younger tends to lead me to over eat them.  I can’t have a jar of almonds or a jar of peanut butter in my house.  Individual servings are my friends.


What are some of the crazy way you tried to get thin? 

What is your favorite vegetable?  Gah, that’s a hard one.  I’ll say green beans then broccoli.



  1. Yeah – I gained a lot of weight on the Snackwell diet. Do they make those cookies still? I never ate nut butter for years because of the fat.

    Favorite veggie – broccoli!

  2. Oh gosh I think I tried every fat loss pill that has ever been made! The cabbage soup diet was a good one too. I was a dietfadaholic! I honestly love all veggies but my favorite would probably have to be summer squash. =)

  3. i think the 48hr hollywood diet was the weirdest way t o try to lose the weight….
    craziest was running everyday in a sauna suit!!!

  4. Looove roasted broccoli and cauliflower, then cabbage!

  5. Yes, they still make Snackwells. I love ’em! I tried starving myself but my metabolism bottomed out. Not pretty!!

  6. Amy

    I cut out all carbs and it caused a horrible downward spiral I ened up at 75 pounds and have dealt with anorexia ever since. Now I eat balanced(even Carbs) at every meal and weight train. Fit is the new skinny!!

  7. Thx for the mention & yes, people can get too wide.. I CAN! Back is my easiest gain body part & showed in those pics from my youngest stepdaughter’s wedding. I was trying to do body weight chins/pull-ups at that time & was lifting heavier. Well, gave up on the body weight stuff cause I was getting too big! 😉 AND, I don’t have any boobs either – I say my excuse is lower body fat on me – hey, sounds good!

    And like Lori, I so remember when Snackwells cookies came out & it was when I did not have the “right” knowledge. I ate a lot of them!

    I limited fat too much in my dumb days too & now I manage it right & I am so much better for it!

  8. I hate myself for doing the low carb thing for a couple of years. I had a few wks where I would eat tuna and eggs and thought I was going to die of an overdose. Blech. I couldnt eat eggs for a year after that! Plus I would make the nastiest (but yummy) casseroles with hot dogs, cheese, mayo. Looking back, it makes my tummy flip.

  9. I LOVE love loveee broc. 😀

  10. Funny haha story…

    When I did the low cal, no fat, Sugar free diet I gained celulite and fat. I now eat paleo which is TON of meat, healthy FATS, veggies and some fruit. Hmmm 22% bf now. Interesting.Pretty sure I’ll be at 18% by summer just eating lots and lots of healthy stuff…FAT included.

    What an uninformed idiot I once was.

    Sorry I don’t visit you blog as often as before, still love ya girl!

  11. Slimfast – didn’t work for me. Other than that just restricting too much on calories – man, I was such a bitch when I did that!

    Mushrooms -all day any day, raw or sauteed!

  12. I used to try those over the counter weight loss supplements with the hopes of shedding pounds fast. I was never successful with them…what a waste of money!! Those supplements just set you up for failure when you stop taking them!

    My favorite veggie – definitely green beans!

  13. Oh, the diets of the 90’s. My first worst diet involved “Ripped Fuel” which took away my appetite and replaced it with ANGER. I was so mean and so hungry and at one point the stuff made me feel like it was armegeddon – in the aisle of Costco. Not good. Then I did the NO CARB thing, no carbs except alcohol – didn’t work. Then I did the healthy eating and exercise, WORKED! Now I eat clean and do a lot of yoga and core fusion.

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