Baggy pant syndrome

No Snackwells or other fat free foods. Lots of fats 🙂 I used to wear these jeans in my “starvation” days. I weigh the same but muscle takes up less space & my body is happy 2 get food.



  1. Wowza, you look amazing!! 🙂 Yay for real food!

  2. Awesome!!! Muscle really is amazing!!

  3. You look amazing! April, you won my cookbook giveaway! Send me your address!

  4. I cringe when I think of Snackwells and how much of that crap I ate.

    I want your stomach—now that is some inspiration!

  5. I’m so glad to have the days of fat free food behind me 🙂

  6. looking good chica!!!!!

  7. holy hot body!!!!!!!!!!


  8. Wow April, you look wonderful!!! How did you achieve such a tiny tummy?

    • If I turn sideways I still have a pooch 🙂 It’s good lighting. I don’t eat bread, rice, taters or other starchy carbs. I love LOTS of veggies. I do eat oats too mmm….that’s my fave meal.

  9. You look fabulous! Crazy that you weighed the same – wow. Just shows you how much the # doesn’t matter!

  10. Awesome! Your abs are killer!

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