Snow errr…Ice day!

I’m staying in today!  Yesterday the president of the company called and told us all to leave at 1p. YIPPEE!  I got my shoulder workout done and then relaxed a bit.  Today I have a long chest workout and i’m pumped for it!  I think i’ll also work on this puzzle i’ve been putting together.  Yes, me, Miss Impatient loves to put puzzles together.

I got my mom an egg broiler for Christmas and she LOVES it!  She told my aunt about it so now i’m going to order her one today.  Seriously…this gadget has changed my life and lowered my blood pressure.


The power is still on but it’s REALLY windy outside.  The roads and yards are a thick sheet of ice.  It’s a good day to snuggle.


Say I freeze meat in January.  The package has an expiration date of February.  When I thaw it in June, why doesn’t it remember it should have gone bad 4 months ago?



  1. Oh I’m jealous that you got to go home early and get a day off. That’s the ONLY good thing about a snow or ice storm.

  2. Dang, my computer is not showing the last 2 pics BUT STAY WARM if possible!!!

  3. We’re still iced in as well. I’m enjoying working from home though! I love to buy in bulk and freeze. I don’t know what I’d do without Costco and my big freezer in the garage!

  4. My mom made me look all over town for an egg broiler…ugh…

  5. Have fun with the snow (ice) day! I used to love those days when I was a kid 🙂 Stay warm!

  6. oh! i do hope the power stays on for you!
    kinda glad i moved from IN,away from the snow ice and cold winds!!!!

    have fun working on the puzzle!
    im jelous!

  7. I love your question – deep thoughts indeed! haha

    I hope the power stays on too -nothing kills a snow day quicker than no electricity!

  8. Can’t see the last 2 pictures?

  9. freezing…stops the rotting process. how’s that for appetizing 🙂


  10. Stay warm and safe!!

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