Sunday lovin’

I love Sundays!  I’m making crockpot oats so I will have some yummy creamy oatmeal ready all week.  This time I added 1 T of chia seeds and I can already tell they are going to make it even better.   I love those little gel balls of yumminess!

This morning I made Mike pancakes and put PB and bananas on them.  He thought they were so good.


Yep, slaved over them all morning.


Boomer and I went for a walk since the snow is off the roads and I also worked my arms.  It was a good workout and I was shaking after.

Maybe in a month we’ll be able to walk on the sidewalks.  MELT SNOW, DARN YOU!


I haven’t had meat since Wednesday and i’ve notice my bathroom visits are more frequent which makes me happy 😀 


I’ve had 16 oz of coffee yesterday and today.  That is really good!  50 oz less than normal 😉


What’s your favorite day of the week?



  1. No meat?? Man you’ve got willpower!! 😛

  2. Saturday is def my fave!

  3. Good job on the coffee! My goal is to get down to 1 8oz cup a day, rather I rationalize 1 and a half giant cups to be permissible. Not good for me.

  4. I think my favorite days are whenever I don’t have to work 🙂

    Great job on the coffee!

  5. You are doing good.. better than I could on no meat & cutting back on coffee! 🙂

    Fav day of the week.. hmmmmmmmmmmm, I think my sleep in days!

  6. Crockpot oats is such a good idea!!

  7. Ok so with the oats–when you reheat it do you just cook in the microwave? And if so, for how long and do you add any water? I definitely want to try oats in the crock.

    I’m singing “oats in the crock” to “Breaking the law, breaking the law” ala Beavis and Butthead.

    Sunday is my least favorite day of the week, Thursdays are my favorite.

    • I nuke them for about 2 mins…no water. LOL! Love the song 🙂

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