How’s it going?

It’s going great here!  Remember my changes?  I’m doing pretty good on them.


I aced this one.  I haven’t had any for a week and love it!  I believe this is the direction I want to go.  Not because Oprah did it or because I don’t believe in killing animals.  I’m from Indiana and my Grandpa was a farmer if that tells you anything.  I just feel better without it rotting in my stomach.

2.  Less coffee. 

Did I say no coffee?  I  believe I said cut back…anyway look at that lamp!  Oh yes, I have cut back and i’m doing extremely well from what I used to drink.  It was hard driving by the gas station today at lunch and not getting a big 24 oz coffee.  It’s also weird after my workout not drinking any but i’ll survive.  My insides are feeling good and i’m actually sleeping better?  Who’d a thought?  I really don’t have problems sleeping.


I’m going to weigh in Saturday.  After all my blog title is The Weigh I Am.  I haven’t weighed since I went to the doctor back in Novemeber I believe it was.  At that time I was leaner than I am now I believe and it was 123 so we’ll see what happens this weekend.  Tony is putting together a “no meat” plan for me.  I’m not calling it vegetarian because I may eat a buffalo burger if I want.  I’m not eating chicken, fish or turkey.  I will still eat egg whites.  He’s got his work cut out though because I can’t eat dairy or black beans either.  We’ll see…i’m excited to see what happens!


14 days and i’ll be attending the Arnold Expo and Amateur contest with my bud Angela!  We always look forward to this time of year.  Sure shows are fun but it’s much funner and less stressful when we just get to hang out.  We won’t smell of tanner or being eating dry chicken.  Oh that was me eating the dry chicken but either way we are going to have a blast!!!!!

Did I say I was excited to see Angela?  🙂

What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?  These are all the rage right now at work.  I haven’t had any in over 5 years but I always like the Samoas.  Mmmm….coconut.



  1. Congrats on all your great changes!!! Looks like you are excited for the Arnold Expo! 🙂

    I don’t eat packaged cookies. I look forward to my weekend treat cookies & they are big ole bakery kinds – nothing out of a box or bag! 🙂

  2. Tagalongs all the way. I’m a Peanut Butter nut!! I’ve only had 2 since we got the box over a week ago. There have been too many other sweets. Moderation you know! Sounds like you are doing good with most of your goals. That’s great.

  3. good to hear everything is going well. I am kinda with you on the meat. I have it about 1x a week now, so much better!

  4. My body doesn’t mind meat at all, I love chicken!! Glad you are feeling better though 🙂

  5. ewww, when you put it like that — rotting in my stomach — that is a great reminder for me not to go back to eating meat!! it’s been one year for me. And surprisingly easy.

    I also cannot drink coffee, or I won’t fall asleep at all. Keep up the good work on your goals!

  6. SO jealous you’re going to the Arnold. I hope to get to go next year.

    I’m so sick of chicken I can hardly eat it these days. Four more weeks of it, blah!! Good for you on the no meat thing, that’s great!

  7. Thin mints of course! It’s weird because I’m not a mint fan.

    Good job meeting your goals!

  8. angela

    i miss my friend!!!! Two more weeks!!! Man, i wish i looked like that now! LOL!

  9. I’m thinking about making some changes to my diet as well. I haven’t been feeling well and I need to see what’s causing it – so I’m debating vutting the meat out but I’m not sure.

    Anyway, SAMOAS are amazing! They’re my fave!

  10. Damn girl, rock on with all your changes! Especially the coffee bit, that would be difficult for me. How have you been getting in your protein without the meat?

    Samoas are my fave. I have resisted temptation this year though……for now.

    • Right now i’ve been doing all natural whey shakes. My trainer is working on a meal plan for me so i’ll be getting enough once I get it 🙂 I really don’t believe in the 1g per body weight rule anymore.

  11. So bummed I won’t be there to join you kittens this year! ;-( I’ll be in San Francisco, and BELIEVE ME, I’d rather be out there with you!! boo-hoo. Have a blast and let me know how your vegetarian adventure goes.I could soooo do a somewhat vegetarian- I really don’t dig chicken and I don’t eat any pork products…I do like fish. Hmmm

  12. yum samoas are totally the best.

  13. You look gorgeous! Congrats on all the hard work!

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