I need my mommy


I haven’t been sick since 2006.  It must be my body missing the antibiotics in meat.



I even broke down and ate a grapefruit.  I usually only stick with berries because other fruits give me heartburn.  I told you i’m a mess.


I’m going to cheer myself up by going to Whole Foods, TJ’s and Nature’s Market.  Nature’s Market has a local homemade Pineapple Kombucha i’ve been dying to try.  I deserve it.



  1. oh! feel better soon!
    sending warm get well wishes your way!!

  2. Feel better! TJ’s & WF’s – I can spend hours in both! 🙂 Don’t wear yourself out!

  3. I hope you feel better. Being sick sucks!! Get some rest too.

  4. Glad you are feeling a little better. Have you tried chewable zicam? It really does help with the symptoms. My husband swears by it.

  5. I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well 😦 I always want my mommy to come and make me some soup and jello (gross but whatevs). Hope you are feeling better.

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