Down with the sickness

Hey peeps!  I thought I was getting better Tuesday.  I ran 4 miles, did legs and had an awesome workout that provided some majah DOMS for Wednesday.  Then I got up and did 4 miles Wednesday and it hit me.  I’m still sick.  I should have rested longer and now I REALLY have it.  I have not going this long without working out in ummm…forever maybe?  I know I need to rest so I can get better so i’m not letting it get to me but i’m going crazy!!!


To make matters worse it snowed 5″ yesterday 😦


Okay, no more downers.  Next Thursday is the Arnold Classic meetup with my friends!  They are all cyber friends.  We’ve been chatting and posting for along time now.  I’ve met most of them but there are 3 girls that I haven’t “met” yet that I can’t wait to see.  One is from Spain!  It’s going to be a great time.

Do you have people you “know” online and cant’ wait to meet for real?  Do you think you are the same “online” as you are in person?  I think I am.  I love a good laugh and I don’t take things too serious.



  1. Hope you feel better!

    I love meeting internet people in real life. You think it might be awkward, but it never is.

  2. Have fun at the Arnold. I will be there also. My first time and will meet up with some online friends. Should be exciting. I hope!

  3. oh no, poor april. I praying for FAST RECOVERY! for your sanity.

  4. Something is definitely going around. My husband and son are sick AGAIN! Luckily I’m not!

    There are about 3 or 4 bloggers that I would really like to meet. I feel that I know them enough through comments and their posts to know who I’d be meeting. It would probably feel pretty strange though to to finally SEE the person other than pictures!

  5. FEEL BETTER! Let your body rest 🙂

  6. You MUST rest! Hope you feel better soon and enjoy your meet up. It’ll be really cool meeting cyber buddies in real life. There are lots of cyber buddies Id love to meet too.

  7. Feel better!!! You need to be well for your trip! I would love to meet some of my internet friends!

  8. Hope you feel better!

    I’ve met some people, some were exactly as I thought in a good way-others not so much too socially awkward and I think they have a different persona that is more outgoing online. I don’t do well with socially awkward people by the way so yeaaaaah. I like to think I’m the same as how I portray myself but probably a bit more crass in real life. I cuss like a trucker.

  9. Well, you can speak to whether or not I’m the same in person as online- a crazy hot mess!! LOL 😉

  10. Oh no! I hope you are starting to feel better. It sucks to be sick 😦

    I’m so jealous of your meet-up at the Arnold. How fun! There are definitely some blogger peeps I’d love to meet in person. You included! I think we would get along great.

    I think I’m pretty similar in my blog as in real life although I do swear a lot more in real life and tend to be pretty shy at first but definitely like to laugh and have a good time 🙂

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