Now I know my ABC’s

A. Age: 35 and counting
B. Bed size:  KING although the past couple of nights have been the guestroom queen..stupid cough.
C. Chore you dislike: vacuuming the stairs, hurts my back
D. Dogs: Boomer of course
E. Essential start to your day: 45 mins of cardio, without it i’m grumpy

F. Favorite color: Purple and orange, I know that’s 2 but it’s my blog.
G. Gold or silver:   I’m not into jewelry

H. Height: 5’3.5, yes putting that 1/2 in there 
I. Instruments you play(ed): Alto saxaphone.  My sister can play every instrument and by ear.  I got the short end of the stick there, and no boobs to boot.

J. Job title: Production Planner (stressball)

K. Kids: NEVER!!!
L. Live: Noblesville Indiana
M. Mom’s name: Brenda
N. Nicknames: Ape, red, sir, apester

O. Overnight hospital stays: Only once for 1.5 months after being ran over by a car when I was 5*knocks on wood*

P. Pet peeves: I have many.  People who lie and slow people in the fast lane

Q. Righty or lefty: Righty

R. Siblings: Rachel, my little sister.  Well, she’s bigger than me but she’s younger 32
T. Time you wake up: 4:30a
U. Underwear: I hate it 
V. Vegetables you don’t like: I love all veggies but broccoli and cauliflower hurt my tummy
W. What makes you run late:  Nothing, my job is a planner so I have EVERYTHING planned

 X. X-rays you’ve had: Entire body

Y. Yummy food you make: Crockpot oats mmmm…..

Z. Zoo animal favorites: elephants



  1. If it’s not too personal…are you a meeting planner? Just asking because thats the best part of my job. I have to do that a couple times a year and LOVE it. I’ve thought about possibly getting into that line of work as a permanent job…Still thinking about it.

    I’m with ya on the adding the .5 inch to your height. I’m 5ft2.5in and better believe I always state the .5…..I’m too short not to and it counts damnit.

    • No meeting planning here. I order parts and schedule them to be here in a timely manner which means i’m on the phone yelling at people alot.

  2. Very creative & fun post! I hear you too on the height being 5’1″ & knowing that we are supposedly going to shrink with age. I am fighting it with keeping my bones strong with weights!

    What comments will you get on the underwear thing! 😉

    • LOL! I’m just being honest…unless i’m in khaki I am usually not wearing any 😉

  3. Love it! I knew you were a shortie like me. 🙂 I didn’t know you didn’t want kids though! And I too heart elephants and, while I don’t do it in the a.m., i’m pretty grumpy when I don’t do cardio!

  4. My sister is the same age and also not really the “little” sister. I’m 5’4″ and she is 5’8″. So unfair!

  5. I have a saxophone sitting in the corner that I got for Christmas! I need some serious motivation to learn to play it!! Help!!
    I heard a guy years ago play “The Harder They Come,” on the sax in a reggae band and fell in love with it and reggae at the same time!

  6. love your ABC’s!!!!

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