Accidental Chef

Howdy!  It’s so gorgeous here today.  I went grocery shopping, took Boomer for a 35 min walk and did #11 on my Move It page.  In between there I took some Midol and it knocked me out.

It's called "Midol".  Use it!

My poor husband.  Thank goodness it’s March Madness time right now…yes, he’s at a friend’s house LOL!


I’ve been into eating eggs for breakfast for the last week.   I don’t even really miss oatmeal.  I’m getting PLENTY of carbs in my other meals.  More than my mind can handle really.  I’m thinking of adding fish back into the diet.  I’m not happy with my fluffster self right now.  I think my body does best on lean protein and veggies.  I’m still not going to eat turkey or chicken.  The thought of it gives me the heebie jeebies.


For breakfast this morning I was frying my eggs in coconut oil and tossed some NutraFiber flakes into the pan because I just don’t use them hardly anymore.  OMG!  After frying they were like coconut flakes…SO GOOD and crunchy!!  I might have to eat this for dinner tonight 😀


How is your weekend going?



  1. YUM your eggs sound great! I’ve been loving eggs lately too….I’ve been making two over-easy with breakfast every morning =D SO GOOD!

  2. i literally lol’d at that pic!
    yup,that will be me in a few days…..
    thank goodness for the TM and gym to keep me from killing people!!!
    anyhoo-yes the eggs sound YUMMMO!

  3. Hmmmm, eggs. I havent had eggs in awhile.

    My wknd is flying by and I dont really feel like I have a wknd due to a baby shower, going into work tomorrow then an eye appointment, oi vey.

  4. OMG, that pic – too funny! I love the sound of the eggs with coconut oil! My hubby is all into March madness!!!

  5. haha great pics! I love eggs- I think I eat eggs every day? They’re just so go-to!

  6. angela

    that pic is great! bad dog…LOL!

  7. I’ve totally been craving eggs lately. Had some for dinner last week and it was SO good. I hear you on the lean protein and veggies…my body is the same way.


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