The truth hurts

So I weighed myself on Thursday.  I have to admit that last weekend I ate some “out of the ordinary” foods for me.  Low carb wraps with refried beans, bbq pulled chicken, and um…I really can’t remember now.  Just know it did NOT do my body good.  All that being said it made THE number seem better knowing it may be high because of the sodium and water bloat.  When i’m eating on plan and staying heavy it is always a mind F.  The number will only go down from here.


Remember this post?  Well i’m UP again.  It’s like I really like the befores and after or something.  I DON’T!  I want to GET and STAY lean and that WILL happen this time.  Have I said that before?  Well…i’m SERIOUS! 


So what was that number?  125.6  – I can’t wait to weigh in next Thursday and see where i’m at.  My eating has been perfect all week.  It’s funny when I eat good clean food i’m not hungry nor do I crave things.  When I started getting inventive with my protein powders I get a sweet tooth.  So i’m only doing powder PWO.


You can say scale doesn’t matter blah blah and if you believe that good for you.  For me it’s a MUST or the fluff gets packed on fast without me knowing it.  So to honor the name of my blog I am going to start weighing again 🙂  I’m not going to get sad at the number.  I’m a size 4 for Pete’s sake.


How often do you weigh?  Does it affect your mood?



  1. I weigh everyday so that I don’t freak out with fluctuations. Mine fluctuates like crazy- I can literally go up 8 pounds in day 😛

  2. I weigh each day & use the scale & my clothes because there are so many ways we can lie to ourselves! Love your attitude!

  3. Thank you both!! You 2 rock and I WILL take your advice!

  4. I weigh myself differently from time to time. Sometimes I do every day. Now I am once a month. I don’t freak out too much about the scale anymore, but I can’t say it doesn’t bother me a little to see all the fluctuations.

  5. Every day at least twice. It’s ridiculous really but I can’t seen to help it. Even if I already KNOW i’m not going to like the number I’d rather know then not. Good job on your clean eating. You do so well. Everyone has slip ups but you mostly stay on track.

  6. I weigh myself weekly. I fluctuate A LOT….I’ve gained 10 lbs in water weight in 24 hours (and YUP I had a headache the next day. My blood pressure was through the roof!)

    The scale helps me stay on track but so does the way my jeans fit, etc…sometimes that’s more telling!

  7. You’ve probably seen that I just weighed myself for the first time in a couple years. I was scared to see that number, but now I’m glad I did, and I plan to weigh myself and measure myself until I’m at my “magic” 122-125 range again. And then I will still measure and weigh regularly so this “creep” never happens again. Some of us= we gotta do it! I’m fine with it now. It must be. 😉

  8. Karen

    I stopped weighing myself alot and then when I did I do admit I got bummed out since it was higher than I thought.

    I weighed myself today & lost weight a good 5lbs so I was happy. It pumps me up and just makes me want to keep doing what I’m doing.

    I agree w/ you, once I start cheating a little it becomes a habit & I crave it more & more. Ever since I started eating low carb again it has been easy to keep it up.. & I havent been doing cardio like I used to so my workouts have been light (crunches/lunges), I just focus on eating clean & so far that’s been helping me lose the weight.

    It’s all about eating healthy 🙂

  9. I weigh every day and measure once a week. My weight fluctuates a lot too. Mondays it’s usually up 3-5 pounds. UGH.

  10. That’s definitely being focused, I like your attitude. 🙂 I weigh myself everyday and yes I get irritated too if I don’t like what I see on the weighing scale. 😀

  11. I weigh myself daily. Sometimes before and after a long run to help figure out how much fluid I need to put back in. It’s definitely normal and always annoying to fluctuate up and it does have an impact on my mood. Sometimes good and sometimes not good. If I’m in the right mood, a high number on the scale serves to motivate me.

    And definitely with the clean eating, I have far fewer cravings. I think because my body is balanced and knows what to do with the food.

    Keep up the good work with your awesome workouts and the clean eating. That being said, I also think it’s important to let loose or indulge or however you want to say it, sometimes. Food is pleasure and we should enjoy it too!

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