Well Hello There!

I’m sitting here with the windows open watching Housewives of NYC.  That’s my favorite one.  I’m loving the warm air, sunshine and birds.  I haven’t been to blog world in forever it seems.  After staring at a computer for 8-10 hours at work i’m just not in the mood.


April 6th is my “2nd birthday” and Mike got an Android Pro for me 🙂  So now i’m in the now so to speak.

Motorola Droid Pro

I love it!


Training is AWESOME!!  I’m BACK IN THE ZONE!   My training is intense again and eating is 100% clean.  By this I mean no more protein powder meals.  I’m eating real food.  The scale is up 2 lbs this week but i’m sure my metabolism will get use to the food and start to lose soon.  I feel so much better.  I feel alive!!!


One thing that has changed is i’ve gone from doing 7-8 hours of cardio a week to 2.5 hours.  Yes, BIG change.  I get antsy and want the cardio but i’m giving my body a break for a couple more weeks.  Then when I add more back in I should see some changes.  This is alot different for me.  Eat more, move less…SO not my motto but we shall see what the future brings.


I”m actually thinking of competing again.  The comps aren’t until late October and early November so we’ll see what happens then.

funny dog pictures

What have YOU been up to?


  1. Will be looking forward to seeing how this change works for you! I have been having probs with my old age feet so making changes here too!

    I am not yet in the “now” with one of those phones but maybe soon…..

    Glad you are back to “food”! 🙂

  2. Congratulations on becoming a Droid user. I love mine.

    I can only do shakes once a day…I live variety. I get bored easily.

    I’m going to do my first competition in October…We will be training at the same time.

  3. I’m excited for you!! The eat more move less did wonders for me!

  4. I’m excited for you for your phone! I’m interested to see how the less cardio experience works for you! Whats new with me? I’m quitting my job, last day is April 29th. Both scared and excited 🙂

  5. i am so not in the “now”!!! no fair!!!!
    ahh well,as with everyone else,im excited for you that you are to think about competeing again,and of course for you feeling back in the zone!!!!
    keep up your hard work and keep us posted with how the new “motto” is going!!!!

  6. yay – love the new phone!

    Glad things are going so well and am excited to see how the switch ups work for you!

  7. My body composition always looks SO much better when I do less cardio — right now I’m rockin’ about 2 hours a week. I get a little antsy but I always remind myself that I am trying to BUILD muscle right now and this is part of the process! After all I’m not a marathon runner I’m a bodybuilder!

  8. Happy 2nd birthday girl! I have to say, it’s nice to “hear” you feeling motivated and happy 🙂

    I’ve noticed such a big improvement with the less cardio (specifically for me, running) and more yoga, weights and pilates. My body looks much more tone and in shape. And eating real food has done wonders for my digestive stuff.

    Yay for feeling better and yay for better weather!!

  9. Ed

    Hehehe bulldog puppy!

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