Your Mindset

Whenever I prep for a show I have never thought…I WILL WIN.  I know that sounds silly.  I just want to get as “skinny” as possible.  I’m changing that mentality.  I know longer want to be “skinny” I want to look healthy and lean.  I’m sure some of you feel me.  This journey is messing with my mind but I WILL conquer it and get to my happy place and STAY there.!!


In other news….Congrats to Melissa!!!!  She WANTS to win.  She says she WILL win.  Hmmm…she DOES win.  Yep, I need a mental adjustment.


In my attempt for a nice booty and overall healthy look my hair has started growing, skin doesn’t look as saggy and I feel better??  Who would have thought??  I also shot up 8 lbs!!  I’m sitting at 128.0 right now.  I’m not skeered.  If that’s what it takes so be it.  This girl ain’t skeered to work it!



  1. you can and you WILL!

  2. So funny, Joob is writing about this too! I love that you ladies are out to win!

  3. Kathi

    You are so much more than a number April!

  4. amen sista 😉 LOL!

  5. I love your new attitude!

  6. Good for you on having a healthy mind set when it comes to weight and your body. You have come a long way!

  7. thanks for the shout out!!!!!!
    now go get your mindset on!

  8. You sooo will!!

  9. You are so right, it’s SO much how our mindset is…..I am able to look back and see that my mindset in the past couple of years was NOT on. I doubted everything about myself and my ability. I focused on what I had not accomplished instead of what I WOULD do. Now that I’m all about I CAN and I WILL , I am seeing results. And I FEEL better- mentally and physically. Keep it up girl!! 😉

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