Feeling fit and loving it!

Yep, i’m a Bombshell.  Or should I say I will be.  This wasn’t an easy decision.  I just needed something new.  These workouts and eating are so different than what i’m used to but so far so good and i’m loving it!  I also get a fun meal every Saturday and mentally i’m handling it well.


In the process i’ve gained some but now i’m losing VERY slowly which is a good thing.  LOTS of lower body work which is where I need it.


Work is SUPER DUPER busy right now.  I go in and 10 hours later i’m like crap I still have stuff to do.  Thankfully i’m not salary like my last job (yet) and I get OT pay 😀


Oh, my treadmill broke…FINALLY!  I’ve read where once your warranty is up you shouldn’t extend it.  Well I did and i’m so happy about that.  The repair guy said that is a part that’s not replaceable so they have to replace the whole thing WOO!  That’s probably the ONLY good thing that will happen this week.


Mike went to the lake over Memorial weekend but since I don’t get to see my mommy that much anymore I went down there and hung out with her and my sis.  So we’re gearing up for 4th of July week because we’re both going!  He even rented a hotel room so that I could workout and want to stay longer LOL!  Little does he know I don’t workout on the weekends!  Has he not noticed?  I’m excited about using their Stairmaster.  I think i’m going to buy one.


Okay, this post was all over the place but who knows when my next one will be??


Keep your eye on the prize!






  1. Love the title of this post! YAY for feeling fit…keep it up!

  2. That is awesome you are getting the entire treadmill replaced! I was in Indy this past wk and totally forgot you are there-we will have to get together next time I am there 🙂 Salaried positions suck, my last one was and I worked so much but never was able to catch up.

  3. All over the place is good – we learn all kinds of things! 😉

  4. feels weird saying it but … congratulations for breaking your treadmill! 🙂

  5. awesome about the TM!
    and feeling fit and awesome!!!!!!!!
    git it girl!!!!


  6. Yay! Love your renewed motivation! Hope you post more 🙂

  7. I’m so happy to hear how things are going for you! I’ve missed reading your posts!

    That’s great news about the treadmill, too. I’ll remember that when I get mine 🙂

    We move to Michigan next week…maybe we’ll have to plan to meet up in Chicago this summer if that’s not too far for you.

  8. I need to do lots of lower body work. Sigh. YOu motivate me! So glad you’re getting a new treadmill, too – sweet!

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