Playing Catch Up

Howdy!  I’m still around 🙂  Things are going GREAT on the fitness front anyway.  Work is SUPER DUPER busy and very draining but time flies so that’s okay.


My workouts are rockin’!  They don’t call it a bombshell booty for nothing.  For those that have asked..I DO miss Tony.  He is the best mind coach always and forever!!  I just needed a change and i’m loving it so far.  He has given me the confidence to get where I have gotten and will be.

I have had the best past couple of weekends!  They included my mom dad and sis.  I really miss them being an hour away  but I do love the area up here much better. 
I got my new treadmill delivered last weekend.  It’s a Sole F63 and I LOVE it!  Sears man is coming tomorrow because it takes forever to change speeds and i’m not having that.  I must say if you are going to buy a piece of workout equipment get it from Sears and make sure to buy the warranty.  They are awesome!
Off subject….the air just kicked on and it reminded me i’m making chocolate peanut butter ooey gooey butter cakes.  Man, they smell good. 
Are you a giver or a taker?  I think i’m more of a giver and a food enabler LOL!


  1. Glad all is going good! Yahoo for your treadmill – so cool!

    Is there a healthier version of those goodies?? 😉

  2. yeah for awesome customer service! so rare these days!

  3. yay for a new treadmill!!

    I think i’m more of a giver as well!

  4. ana

    wow how awesome you are now a bombshell!!!!! i cant wait to hear all about and see your progress!

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