I Heart Sundays

Second to Sundays are Saturdays of course.  Yesterday was an awesome day.  The weather was gorgeous, I started making carrot cake balls and Mike and I had the windows open and jammed some music.  We also watched Unknown which was an excellent movie.  I’m a big Liam Neeson fan.


Today is my day of rest.  Yes, me…the non rester.  Let me tell you I NEED a rest after these workouts.  They are brutal.  It’s also cooking day.  I need to cook up chicken, 6 lbs of tilapia, veggies and then i’ll be bagging and weighing them.  I love having my meals ready to go.  No excuses.


I enjoyed my “fun meal” yesterday.  Mike and I went to the Fresh Market and got a rotisserie chicken.  He got some bacon tomato pasta salad and I got some broccoli slaw.  It was good dinner.  I love a day of letting loose.  Not too loose 😉


How often do you have a fun meal?



  1. Eve

    Lately I’ve been having “fun” meals all the time! But I am back into the healthy eating. I love that movie Unknown, saw it at the cinema when it first came out – awesome!

    Those carrot cake balls look delish!! Yum!

  2. I think my latest fun meal was making homemade veggie pizzas. I think preparing them was more fun than eating. Lately I have been eating boring foods like egg whites and spinach, tuna, etc.

  3. Love those kind of days! Those carrot cake balls are cuter then cute too!

    I am not one to care so much about the meal – I like my treats & I have my cookie treats every weekend! 🙂

  4. i don’t really do “fun meals” because fatty meats/ cheese/ pasta have never really appealed to me. i do however have a small fun treat every day. something simple like a fiber 1 brownie or a vita top really kicks any cravings i have and lets me eat super clean!

  5. I have a fun meal about once a week and a fun small treat once a day!

    Those carrot cake balls are SO cute!

  6. Those carrot cake balls are too cute. I be they’re tasty, too.

    I used to do fun meals like once a week and usually it was take-out of some kind. Lately, though, I’ve just really enjoyed cooking tasty (and clean!) food in my own kitchen. I guess I have to count a glass of wine or beer as a fun meal…which might be happening a little more than usual during this whole move thing. Hope to get back on track soon, though.

    I also have a square of chocolate just about every night. That seems to do it for me.

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