Not Freaking Out

Hey Peeps!  I’m still going strong.  My weight was up to 130 this Thursday.  That is when I weigh and take pics for my coach.  Of course i’m freaking out but sticking to the plan.  She told me not to worry about the number so i’ll trust her.

My back is getting more muscular and my arms are getting leaner but more defined.  My booty is getting harder too.  My problem area is always my love handles and now my thighs.  I’m not running 6-8 miles anymore so it’s expected that they are getting a bit bigger.  They are more firm though so like I said i’m NOT freaking out.

Food is in abundance right now.  Tomorrow is my “fun meal” and I think i’m going to get a rotisserie chicken.  I just love those things.

Work is SUPER busy as usual.

This progress pic was taken about 4 weeks ago but it shows NOT to trust the stinking scale number.  I was 123 in the first pic and 128 in the one on the right.

I was getting so frustrated.  I was doing insane amounts of cardio and liquid days etc…Now I have lots of energy!!!



  1. wowzers! what a great testament to eating right, lifting hard, and trusting your inner (and outer) strength!

  2. Your pics ARE proof that the number on the scale is NOT the end all be all. Good for you on not freaking out about the number. Big accomplishment.

  3. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! That second pic – you look so much smaller! I always tried to tell people too about the scale when you have more muscle. People always thought I weighed less than I really do. Great job!

  4. You look great April – what a fantastic waist indent!

  5. True testament about how a scale can lie! I am curious about your “fun” meal though. Is that meant to be like a “cheat” meal? If so, why rotisserie chicken? I would think that would be a great meal to stay on track. High in protein, moderate fat (with skin).

    • Yep, it’s a cheat meal. I had pizza last weekend and i’m still recovering from that. Rotisserie because I LOVE it. I’m going to put it in a wrap and probably have some broccoli slaw with it. I may even try the BBQ one 😉

  6. You look amazing!!

  7. You look amazing!!! Yep, eating lots and weights will do you good!


    Wow, that is CRAZY! Oh yes, I would be FREAKING out seeing a 5 lb GAIN on the scale despite all your work, but wowzers…soooo true, you look freakin’ amazing and such a difference between the two pictures!

  9. WOW! Great progress, April!!

  10. You are amazing! What progress in such a short amount of time.

  11. why did i just now see this post?
    great progress girlie!!
    and yes,true testiment on how the scale can be decieving!!!!
    you rock!!!

  12. you progress is fantastic! and yep, that darn scale can play tricks on you. Grrrr!

  13. Looking fabulous—great reminder not to be a slave to the number on the scale!

  14. You are making great progress. I use to do crazy liquid days and 3 days of detox (only veggie) days…no more! It’s not a healthy way to go.

  15. Babe- it’s been SO long since I’ve freaking read my blogs!! OMG so I’m needing to catch up with what you are doing, obviously preparing for a comp right? 😉 Looking GOOD girl and hang on to that great attitude too! Hope to see you IRL soon. XOXO

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