My Blog Is Slacking

but…I am not!

I really need to start blogging againg.



  1. well as long as youre not slacking. hehe.

  2. :-). I need a break from blogging!

  3. Yes please 🙂

    j/k.. sorta.. haha, like I should talk. But always love when you do!

  4. Glad you’re not slacking! 🙂 (not surprised!)

  5. Get blogging girl… I miss reading !

  6. Yeah, just when I START up a new blog, you quit using yours…Sheesh. Nah I know it’s hard to keep up with. I’m gradually steering away from FB and any online profiles for that matter. Too much drama…drives me insane! That and I don’t like the members only approach that it has to everything for my business profile on there. If someone doesn’t have facebook they can’t really view stuff. So, I’m working my way off of it! Feel free to follow my blog if you’d like? XOXO Miss you April, was SO awesome hanging out with you during GenCon. We gotta do that every year!

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