A Day Off

This is my FIRST vacation day from work!  The weather is gorgeous and i’m going to enjoy it.  Spend time with family and read The Help.  OMG, that is a GOOD book!


Since I haven’t blogged much I have no clue what has happened this year.  From 2007-2010 i’ve got things jotted down and if I need to look back I can.  That is so nice.  My weight is also the highest it’s been in a LONG time.  I’m not to stressed about it.  I know what needs to be done and besides I have some muscle in my arms finally. 🙂


A few weeks ago I had some IBS syptoms that were unbearable and now I KNOW what my problem is.


😦  Well at least I know now.


How are things with Bombshell?  They are going great!  I LOVE LOVE the workouts and the food is great as well.  I’m eating more and i’ll admit it’s freaking me out but I know it’s needed.  I think my goal weight is now 117-120.  I know it used to be 113 but i’m being realistic here.  There really is no need to kill myself and enjoying my treat meal on Saturday has not only helped me but Mike as well. 


Well, that is my update for the month LOL!!!




  1. I totally get the weight thing! Both your goal & enjoying life so it is more realistic.

    I have probs with cruciferous veggies too but I eat them anyway. I just eat them in small amounts at a time! I have probs with lots of food! I am not working right now so.. my prob is more bloating & well, tooting! 😉 Glad you are better!

  2. I’m loving the workouts too. I think you are probably transforming even though you don’t think you are. I feel fat pretty much most of the time except the depleted time I’m on stage… it’s a feeling and not reality, yeah I wish I could live depleted for the look but dang I feel just awful show day energy wise. The scale just doesn’t work in this sport. Use your clothes. You know this and I only am reminding you because I have all the same mind games. I was reading an old interview from Scott Abel http://www.t-nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance_interviews/sucker_punch_scott_abel I thought this article was interesting. The higher calorie diet high cardio tapering near peaking rather than increasing. I’m also really interested in reading all of his new e books. Ultimately I think you are on the right path with bombshells. I think you are right when you said our bodies are trying to recover from what we’ve put them through. Right now keep in your mind building and not leaning, I want freaking shoulders so I realize fat loss has to be slow because I need the fuel to build. And I look at our cheat day as a refeed… the muscles need it to recover, so no guilt about it. anyways I was thinking about you when I read that article and thought you might like it.

  3. It really is important to think realistically. Sadly, these are times when unrealistic ideas are floating around so easily. People get overwhelmed thinking being skinny skinny is the only way to go. Or thinking that they’ll only look good if they lose 30 lbs instead of just 10. Most people look drastically different losing just 10. I know I would. I’m about 125 lbs right now. I know I fluctuate between that and 130 probably, but I know I’m little when I can wear certain clothes that I have. ;o) When I quit eating meat, that really helped my digestion. I just can’t do super low carb diets anymore. I love tofu but a vegetarian like myself needs a little more foods, which almost always means fats. Yum! I really like not worry about a contest date or anything. I’ve been staying in shape year-round now instead of trying to look awesome just for one week out of the year LOL!

  4. so awesome!! I’d love to be where you’re at!! We’ve all got our own way of getting there!! Healthy eating and a great nutrional supplement is where I’m at right now!!

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