Improvement Season

Woohoo!  There is snow on my blog!  I had forgotten about that.  I got my new plan from Bombshell on Friday and it’s mentally challenging for me.  LOTS of carbs and food and not as much cardio.  I understand the philosophy of this month but it’s still tough.  I’m still 8 lbs up from where i’m happy BUT when I was 120 lbs I wasn’t happy there either.  When I say happy I mean with my weight.  Everything else in my life is going great 🙂


Here’s my latest butt shot.  I’m really working on getting that thing lifted and rounded.  I will say with the food i’m eating now i’m seeing more muscle under the fluff.  I guess I can’t have it all.

Mike and I have a cruise booked February 26th and we are both VERY ready for that.  His birthday is the 27th and his parents are coming along too.  He’s never had a warm birthday.  I guess we could go to Alaska for mine because i’ve never had a cold birthday 🙂


I still don’t have my tree up..I suck. 




  1. Well, whatever you are doing, you look great! That is a great butt shot! Relish it now cause when you get older, no matter how hard you try, it fights you! 😉

  2. Your bootie looks GREAT! Nice curves…I’m SURE Mike is pleased as punch! LOL I’m ALWAYS hot for my birthday (think Florida in July!!! AKK) Have fun on the cruise…you’re definitely gonna look HOT!

  3. girl,your bootie is looking GREAT! no doubts you will reach and exceed your goals!
    hang in there with the nutrition and cardio thing this month!
    all the while you are loosing and toning, i will be adding “fluff” to my butt and belly and boobs!
    eek! gotta love it!
    anyways, do have fun on the cruise,you will definatly be rockin a hot body!!!

  4. Angela

    yay! Butt shot!! LOL!

    Lookin good girl!!! You are really getting that coveted bombshell booty!!

  5. Hi Bombshell!! I am a Bombshell too and have been since this May, I must say I remember your posts from the Bombshell social network and I am so excited I found your blog!! Please post often, I am addicted :p Sooo feeling ya on the “improvement season” but just remember, Shannon sculpted the winning bods of Nicole Nagrani, Jaime Baird, India Paulino… She KNOWS what we need 😉 Happy holidays teammate xoxo

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