Happy New Year!

I really need to starting blogging more often.  I have no clue what i’ve done this year because I don’t have a diary of it.


Mike and I are going on a cruise February 26th and we’re on a mission to lose!  For him that means cutting out dessert every night.  For me?  I’m still with Bombshell so I eat what i’m told and do they workouts that are planned.  I’ve gained 8 lbs since starting with them so I don’t thinking losing fast is in the cards.  I can’t wait for a vacation.  It’s been to long.  Mike’s birthday is the 27th so that will be fun and his parents are going too!



On the fitness front i’m going to keep track of my workouts on here.  Today I ran 5 miles and may do my shoulder/tricep workout tonight that is really for tomorrow.  I’ll be ahead of schedule.  I did quads yesterday and it was a heavy good one.


Saturday I got a massage.  My legs were KILLING me on Friday.  I mean I was literally in pain.  Saturday the massage lady worked them hard.  She asked what kind of pressure and I just said I have a high pain tolerance.  WOW!  I almost cried it was awesome LOL! 


Okay, lets see if I really keep this blog updated 😉  I’ve still been reading but not posting as much.  I feel like I NEED this to keep me going. 2012 for a lean me!



  1. A cruise – how wonderful!!! Just don’t give up & keep moving forward & do the best you can! 🙂

  2. angela

    hi 🙂

    We do need to blog more 🙂

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