This felt like the longest week EVER!  I’m so glad the weekend is here.  Today i’m going to go to Trader Joe’s, Nature’s Market and Starbucks and load up on the good stuff.  Operation cruise de fluff is ON.  Mike and I are in this together.  For him that means less dessert and dropping 10 lbs.  For me we know it won’t be that easy.


The bombshell plan is FULL of variety.  I need to be more strict.  Not to mention the fact that my stomach doesn’t agree with some of the things i’m eating.  I really tried to love this plan but I don’t love the 10lbs i’ve packed on.  I do see more muscle but for me i’d rather be LEAN 24/7.  


Wednesday – cardio only

Thursday – morning cardio, hamstrings in the pm

Friday – morning cardio, shoulders/chest in the pm

That’s how I finished my week!  Bring on a relaxing weekend!  I’ll probably walk Boomer and maybe do step aerobics.  It’s be FOREVER since i’ve done that.


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  1. It is all worth it in the end & long term April! You can do this!!!

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