Lovin’ It

I’m loving my new eaing plan I started.  I have tons of energy and an overall better feeling about things.  I’m still doing the Bombshell workouts but I really need to lean out for my cruise.  Right now it seems all the girls are on a mini bulk from doing shows all year to help their bodies. I haven’t been lean all year and the bulk…OMG..boy did it ever Ha!


Workouts are going great!  Cardio every morning at 40-45 mins for now.

Mon – back and quads

Tues – shoulders and triceps

Wed – back and biceps

Thurs – hams

Fri – shoulders, butt, chest


Time to watch The Wheel…yes, we’re old.




  1. Go April!!!!

  2. CC

    Go you!!! You always kick butt with your work outs though. It’s funny b/c when I first started reading your blog I didn’t work out at all and I admired your dedication but at the same time thought you were a little nuts!! Anyhow, I’ve been back working out for a year now and it feels good. I don’t work out nearly as much as you do but I fit in what works for me. My hubby just started a new meal plan too!

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