22 More Working Days!

We only have 22 more days until our cruise WOOHOO!  Now if I could only drop 10 lbs that would be nice but highly unlikely.  I’m still rocking the new diet and my workouts are great.  This weeks’s are odd.  There are LOTS of reps.  I don’t like it but i’m doing it 😉


I’m just having fun living a healthy life without being too obsessive.  According to my husband i am but I don’t believe so.


I still eat the same things everyday, measure all my food and discovered sweet potatoes are really good for breakfast.  That’s all normal right? 


Here’s a pic of my old lady.  She’s missing her daddy right now.  He’s in Spokane Washington 😦




  1. Lucky you! I want a vacation! 🙂

  2. We’re going to be traveling a lot this year. I’m trying to get my diet/foodprep and workouts on track so that when I’m away from home I’ll be okay! I will be bringing my tofu though, count on that. LOL!

  3. Hooray for a mid-winter vacay! I love sweet potatoes for breakfast. I’m eating one right now. Yum 🙂

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