Fat Secret

I love Fat Secret!  This is my favorite app and website when I want to see what i’m ingesting.
Do you have a favorite?
My goal has always been to lose and get as small as possible.  Now i’m fighting my body tooth and nail and trying not to gain another 20 lbs.  It’s sucks but this is where i’m at.
Calorie Breakdown:

Carbohydrate (39%)

Fat (27%)

Protein (34%)

Fat(g) Carbs(g) Prot(g) KCals
37.51 118.48 106.01 1230


  1. runnergirl4jc

    Thanks for that app! I’m downloading right now.

  2. This one is the easiest i’ve found to use 🙂

  3. I used to use Fat Secret until I discovered Fitness Pal. I like being able to track other things too like fiber and major vitamins. There hasn’t been one food or supplement that I haven’t been able to find on Fitness Pal. Give it a try if you feel like trying out another calorie app!

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