Great Weekend!


This was at our 88th Hommel Reunion.  I’m so glad my cousin took this picture.  These are my two favorite men 🙂  8/7/12 marked Mike and I’s 13th anniversary.

I haven’t been into taking pictures lately since i’ve been up 10 lbs for the last year and a half.


This was taken after a 20 mile bike ride.  Mike really pushed me but I kept up.  Botox anyone?


I’m taking it easy in the workout dept right now.  My back has been given me problems.  I’m going to the Dr. on August 22nd.  Taking it easy for me is still doing 3 to 4 cardios a week and lifting weights until I feel it hurt.  I know this is probably stupid but I have a high pain tolerance.  It hurt when I was doing side laterals tonight.  If I change my stance it’s not so bad.


We’re having a pitch in tomorrow.  I’m making oreo pudding mmmm….then we’re having a baby shower on Friday and i’m making lots of cookies.  I won’t be having any or partaking in the pitch ins but I do like when people tell me how good my food is.


What’s your favorite go to dish for a pitch in?


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