Biceps and Triceps WOD.

20 – barbell curls superset tricep dips with feet on stability ball – 30 lbs

15 – cable curls superset tricep rope pull downs – 25 lbs

10 – hammer curls superset tricep kick backs – 15’s/12’s

6 – incline curls superset behind the head tricep extension with 1 dumbbell – 15’s/ 25 lbs

10 mins cardio of choice

repeat 3 times



  1. Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thats a great arm workout! I bet u were sore afterwards! What weights did u use? Make sure to take note of that, for it will be interesting to see how ur strength improves! Great job! Keep posting ur workouts, as it gives ur readers really awesome tips!

  3. I edited to add my weights!

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