I Love It!

I’m a sucker for infomercials.  I love watching them and typically I don’t buy the products they’re selling.  I went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond this weekend and saw the Orgreenic Pans and thought they were probably too good to be true.

I figured since I could always bring it back because B,B and B are good like that I may as well give it a shot.

So far i’ve made tilapia, veggies, egg white pancakes and ground extra lean turkey in it and it hasn’t stuck AT ALL.  Plus no more PAM!!

Just thought I would share 🙂


No one is paying me to do this 😉  I just know how most of us love to cook!








  1. THANK YOU for the heads up!!!! I cook 10 eggs/day for Max, and of course all week long I’m cooking steak, ground bison, tilapia, chicken, and veggies for both of us, and my pan is KILLING my efficiency right now!

  2. THANK YOU!!! I must check out!!!!!

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