I’m starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox Diet on Oct 1st.  I am ready to feel the energy and hopefully more positive results.

Do you experience…


  • sugar or carb cravings? – hmmmm…not yet ha ha
  • energy spikes and dips throughout the day? – yes
  • fatigue, lethargy, depression or anxiety? – yes
  • brain fog or cloudy thinking/trouble concentrating? – yes
  • hunger that goes from mild to intense very quickly? – i’m good at tuning it out


People say “But April, you don’t eat any sugar”.  I kind of do.  I live off of protein powder.  I love it!  I also use low carb ketchup sometimes and sugar free jellies.  Sure these things are “sugar free” but it’s fake sugar and not good for you.  I even started using sugar free creamer again.


I’ve been reading  about the detox and the thing I’m most excited about is cooking again.  I need to find my food processor first.


After I purchased the diet it told me to wait to start until Oct 1st.  I will get emails to support me along my way.


This shouldn’t be hard for me.  The hardest is eating real food and not eating oats for breakfast.  There are MANY other things to choose from.  There are 3 levels and if you’ve never done the detox it recommends you start at level 1 so this is what I’ll do.


I don’t think I’m going to weigh.  I may take pictures to see if I see a change or just go by the weigh I’m feeling.


So i’ll try and let you know how it’s going!


  1. Have u read Eat to Live or Eat for Health by Dr Joel Fuhrman? It seems like u are constantly searching for ways to manage your health, weight, and happiness…his books and way of eating have changed my life (and countless of others)…u wont need to “detox” if u eat his Nutritarian way of eating. 🙂

  2. Actually I was with the same trainer for 3+ years and followed his way of eating. I was lean. At the time I didn’t realize that. Last year I started with another trainer and gained alot of weight but some of it was healthy. Now i’m just trying to find what works for me and nothing seems to be at the moment.

    This isn’t like a liquid detox or anything stupid. Just letting go of oats and powder for 3 weeks. I can do anything for 3 weeks.

    I like the idea of more fats in the diet.

    • I just hate seeing u struggle and wish u could find peace in your body and diet. Life isnt meant to be about weight, cals, powders, potions, and the latest fix.

      What was the diet your first trainer had u doing? What changed with the second trainer?

      What is this detox consisting of? As a nurse, personal trainer, and holistic nutritionist, i get weary about certain so-called detoxes….most are gimmicky and dangerous. I assist clients in achieveing a healthy/happy body and mind thru lifelong healthy/nourishing/slimming nutritional practices that are nutritious, easy to prep, and help u achieve your body’s natural trim figure. Any quick fix gimmick like this wont help u achieve the result u want….at least, not permenantly. Its all about adopting permenant and do-able habits that lead to great health–and that includes a healthy weight that naturally occurs when fueling ur body with the right foods and the right amounts. No deprivation required, in food or in life!


      • My first trainer had me on the typical oats/egg whites, chicken, sweet tater,broccoli, healhty fats in the beginning. After I lose the initial weight I got some fruit and rice cakes thrown in. Looking back now there is no way I would do that diet. It did get me to the stage but I did ALOT of cardio.

        My second trainer I ate alot more food. I still did alot of cardio. I think I just want to do my own thing. I know how to eat healthy but I like to see what others are doing. I don’t know how to explain that.

        I am pretty sure I have metabolic damage. I’ve read about it on Scott Abel’s site and the Sweaty Betties. I am trying to lay off the cardio and tough workouts and I did for a bit. Now i’m back to running more. Not as much as I was that’s for sure. I do enjoy it more than lifting.

        I don’t think this one is dangerous. I will be eating protein, really nothing is excluded, veggies, eat up, dairy with full fats, and nuts and seeds.

        They are on facebook. I read up on stuff there too. I think it’s legit. The people who do it say they feel alot of energy so i’m hoping it happens to me too!

        I do hope I find balance and believe me….if you knew me i’m way better than I used to be. My mom still gripes about herself too so I think it’s in my genes LOL!

        You know i’ll check that book out because that’s what I do !!!!


  3. I’m curious to see your updates throughout the detox. I have been seriously considering a sugar detox for a few days now. I already follow a mostly low carb, sugar free diet. But like you said, sugar free is not good for you, it’s worse than regular sugar.

    I want to cut out all sugars, sweeteners and artificial sugars/sweeteners from my diet for at least a month and then work on adding in only natural sweeteners into my diet.

    I really don’t know what is holding me back!

    • You’re almost there! Might as well go for it 🙂

      • I’m doing it! I decided to start tomorrow 🙂

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