Detox Day 4

Day 4!  I’m still sugar free.  Is this supposed to be hard?  I noticed after I ate an apple yesterday that I felt like I had eaten a real cookie so today I changed up my second meal.


We’re having a pitch in today at work.  I brought sweet potato chips and mary’s gone crackers.  I love to bake but I didn’t have much notice and I had these things in the pantry.


Meals today.


2 eggs, 2 egg whites, lots of veggies and salsa eggs cooked in mac nut oil


Salad with crockpot pork roast, tomatoes, mushrooms and raw coconut aminos, sprays of EVOO


Snacked on some raw almonds


Turkey, green beans and tomato paste

Tilapia made in lite coconut milk and tomato paste, cauliflower rice


Cottage cheese, coconut flakes, almond butter


After my cottage cheese is gone I’m going to replace it with something else.  Don’t think I’m replacing the creamer I have in my coffee.




  1. Sable@SquatLikeALady

    Oh you eat those raw coconut aminos! I want to try them because I can’t have soy – it interferes with my thyroid med. How are they?

  2. They are yummy!!!!!

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