Detox Day 5

Slow going today.  TOM came and it’s a beast.  I took a rest yesterday and just walked outside last night since it’s probably the last nice warm day.  It’s cooled down a lot today and it’s raining.    I’m still SUGAR FREE!

When I got home tonight I went straight to my bed and took a nap.  Again, i’m blaming TOM. I am having HORRIBLE cramps….HORRIBLE.


Breakfast was the same minus 1 egg white


Salad with chicken, raw coconut aminos, mushrooms and roasted carrots(so good)


Coconut macaroons(needed something) these were homemade from the 21 day detox book…I modified the recipe using only egg whites.  It called for the whole egg but I’m not there yet.  That’s a perk of being able to go home on your lunch hour J.


Turkey, green beans and tomato paste


Tilapia cooked in coconut milk and tomato paste and zuchinni noodles cooked in coconut oil.  I just discover my mandoline can make those noodles.  Yep, i’ve only had the sucker for 10 years.


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