Week 1 Sugar Detox Complete

How was your weekend?  Mine was great and it’s still going.  Mike went to play paintball all day yesterday and when he got back at 1130p last night he woke me up.  He had gotten in a wreck.  Not him per se but his car was involved.  He was stopped at a red light and 2 cars crossing in front of him collided and one truck hit his car.  He has a rental right now and a bump on his head.  I just thank God it wasn’t any worse and the cars weren’t speeding.


Detox was great this week.  I’ve stuck to the rules.  I have eaten so much cauliflower and need to stop after my last head is gone.  It does a number on me.  This week i’m trying to eliminate dairy but since I made my scrumptious spaghetti squash I have 3 more left over and i’m NOT wasting it.  Mike won’t eat it but i’ll be happy to.

Today in the crockpot i’m cooking this marvelous meal.  I had left over meat so I made 3 more patties and baked them.  I just had one for lunch and it was yummy.  I am getting ready to roast carrots and green beans.  I love Sundays!!!

This morning I had pancakes again.  I ate them at 730a and I didn’t get hungry until 1230p.  Typically i’d be freaking out and thinking I needed to eat in 2 or 3 hours but i’m trying to stop that thinking.  I’m not sure if I will ever be able to but at least i’m giving it a shot.  If competing IS your thing than by all means I understand.

I will say that I do miss sweet coffee but i’ll live.  What girls doesn’t like something sweet?  I can put raw honey in it and I did buy some so i’ll give it a shot.  I haven’t missed the protein powder creations one bit.  I think I need to make this fudge to replace it LOL!

Could you give up artificial sweetener?  I have been using Stevia instead of aspartame.  According the detox the only stevia you can use is the green and not the white.  I probably wouldn’t like that as much 🙂  I’ll try some raw honey and see what happens.  I bet I get a buzz!  WOOHOO!

Speaking of…try this workout.  It doesn’t look tough but it’s KILLER!




  1. I don’t use sny sweeteners…it’s just not my thing. There are some liquid drops I found online that I would love to try after my competition. They have just about every flavor you can think of.

  2. I am working on detoxing since getting back from Germany. Your posts are inspirational. Thanks 🙂

    • Hey stranger! We don’t serve much schnitzel here so you should be okay 🙂

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