Detox Day 8

It’s been a great Monday!  I woke up with energy, got in a quick 2 miler before work, ate foods that were nutritious and fueled my body, and then after work I hit my shoulders and got in some sprints.

Meals went:

Pumpkin pancakes

Ground chicken burger(meat left over from stuffed peppers), baby carrots, green beans, avocado

Turkey and green beans

Stuffed pepper, baby carrots

Last night I got crafty and made this bread.  I had a little sliver and it was so good!  I used pumpkin instead of applesauce.  I will for sure be making this again.

Angela and I are starting to get our plans together for the Arnold!  EXCITING!  It’s been way too long since we’ve seen each other.



  1. YAY! I just saw this!! Man…i was tiny! I need to get back there!!! LOL!

  2. Man, I really wanna goto the arnold again. I was thinking about visiting Indiana during March…hrmm. Danielle’s wedding is close to that same weekend. OMG plotting.

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