Detox Day 13

So that recipe below was a HUGE success.  I tasted a slice and I can’t wait to eat those for meal 2 next week.  I was leery of the apple because it was giving me a sugar buzz but I ate one at lunch yesterday and had LOTS of energy.



I’m thinking after this detox i’m going to try my best to stay sugar free.  This means no more protein powder cakes *sniff sniff*.  I will use REAL sweeteners like raw honey.  These are thoughts right now.  I do miss the sweetness in my coffee I am not going to lie.


Today I got up and got on the treadmill.  Just a little bit ago I did a kettle bell workout.  It was fun and a good change up from standard lifting.


I used to think my mom was some awesome cook when she would get out her crockpot and make beef, carrots and potatoes.  Now I realize the crockpot is doing all the work.  I’ve never made a meal like that for Mike so he’s in for a surprise tomorrow 🙂 I’m using pork though because…blech…beef is still nasty to me.

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