Detox Day 16

DETOX day 16

For the past couple of days I’ve been VERY bloated and gassy.  Ibelieve the culprits could be avocado, apples, nuts, or onions.  I would hate to think it’s my beloved tomato paste.  I’ll be doing some experimenting.  I feel MUCH better today.

I’ve read some people experience constipation when they eliminate grains.  I have the opposite problem.  From someone that used to have chronic constipation I’m not complaining.

Meals(great intro)

Pumpkin cocoNOatmeal ❤

Apples + greek yogurt cup

Spaghetti squash and chicken

Stuffed spaghetti squash

Pumpkin mug cake

1T coconut butter (oops)

Good eats!  We had a pitch in at work.  I made Oreo balls…they apparently were a hit because they’re gone!  I had to hear about all the sugar comas and woe is me comments all day.


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