Detox Day 18 and 19

Detox Day 18


Another day in working paradise.  That was said sarcastically.  I am feeling great today!  I will feel exceptionally fantastic after I get my venti Americano.  Hot or cold?  Life it tough!




Cocoa Noatmeal (pumpkin, coconut milk, coconut flour, egg whites)  plus cocoa powder


Crockpot apples and 1 Smoke flavored string cheese stick


Leftover stuffed spaghetti squash


Chicken meat loaf, salad and roasted baby carrots


Chocolate Mug Cake


I love eating like this!  Protein powder who?  I think when I do have something sweet I’m going to go in shock.


Mike and I have a Florida vacation coming up over Thanksgiving and I’m really looking forward to it.


I’m getting a much need cut and color this weekend.  I just started coloring my hair this year.  Now I wish I never had.


Pumpkin cake(accidentally put the baking soda and coconut flour in my coffee the first time around)


Spaghetti squash, roasted carrots and chicken + green apple and cheese stick (hangry!)


Stuffed spaghetti squash


Chicken meatloaf, sautéed kale in macadamia nut oil


Coconut fudge (coconut oil and cocoa powder mix)




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  1. How awesome, that looks yummy! I think it’s fun to go somewhere warm when it’s cold, haha! XOXO

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