Protein Powder HELP needed!

Busy busy…

I went and watched the KY Muscle show yesterday.  It was a LONG show as I remember.  At least I was clothed, stark white, and in flat shoes this time around.  I didn’t get “the bug” to compete so i’m thinking those days are over.  I just want to live without freaking stomach problems.


WHICH, leads me to my question.  I’ve been witout fake or added sugars since Oct 1st.  Not even 1 bite of Halloween candy.  I also went without eggs for 2 days.  This was tough.  Eggs and protein powder were 2 staples of mine.  The 2 days without eggs I had ZERO gas both days.  It was amazing.  So now i’m looking at totally leaving eggs and whey at the door.


I know there are powders out there they don’t have sweetener and are made with rice, plants or hemp but I don’t want to get something disgusting.  Does anyone have any suggestions?



  1. Sun warrior rice

    sun warrior warrior blend (hemp, pea, cranberry proteins)

    Hemp protein


    Pumpkin seed pro powder (havent tried this yet, but it sounds cool)

    Perfect fit rice

    Nutribiotic rice

    What is ur daily diet like now?

  2. Wow thanks for all that! It’s hard right now without eggs. I love them! They’re so easy and I use them in everything.

    Right now it’s:

    Turkey and spaghetti squash for breakfast

    Massaged kale salad (avocado and lemon juice) and chicken

    Turkey and green beans or leftovers (stuffed spaghetti squash)

    Tilapia and zucchini coated with coconut flour and fried

    In there I will eat WAY too many roasted carrots waiting on dinner to cook 🙂

    Tonight i’m having Laura’s lean hamburger WOOHOO! I’m not typically a red meat eater…never have been.

    • Do u know your cals and macros? I would be interested to see what ur dietary analysis is. As an RN, personal trainer and holistic nutritionist, I see a few things that might be worth considering for your optimal nutrition/wellbeing. Log your diet into cronometer and write a post on your analysis. If u dont mind advice from the “peanut gallery,” Id love to help u balance things out a bit 🙂

    • Well from your menu April, I just interest with Tilapia and zucchini that you made. That’s would be the right chosen for me, will you show me the pictures and recipe. Yeah wish can make it by self. And I love coconut flour for make some cake too.

  3. Preston and I have been using the new Vegan shakeology Chocolate Protein powder. REALLY like it. We’ve been eating completely opposite of you, actually, plant based vegan. In 4 weeks he’s lost 20 lbs., I’ve lost 12 lbs. His cholesterol is really what spurred us to do it, his dropped (mind you…only 3 weeks between readings) from 262 to 217 and his Triglycerides went from 240 to 146!!! Craziness…

    • Thats awesome Tiffanie! My body did not like no meat. Id rather not eat it 🙂

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    • Tiffanie, thats awesome! Whats ur plantbased diet like? There are lots of different ones, so im curious to know what u and ur husband are doing to achieve such stellar results! Kudos!

  4. Thanks April. Stacy…what started us down this path was doing the Beachbody Ultimate’s a vegan based cleansing/detox three week program. It slowly weans you towards a plant based vegan diet. We were seeing phenomenal results and feeling great too. Now that the detox is over (it’s a three week thing) we are now following (a bit loosely in regards to the strict no oil part) the philosophies of Engine 2 Diet and the Happy Herbivore. I also cook a lot from Sarah’s cookbook (Peas and Thank you) You can find all of these online with their blogs and on facebook. I’m going to attempt to lower my oil consumption this week as I’ve hit a plateau after 5 weeks of aggressive weight loss (I have about 13 more lbs to go to really be back at my leanest fighting weight! :)) But really at the end of the day, this is less about vanity and more about saving my husband’s life as nothing seemed to work about his genetic cholesterol issues.

    • Thats SO awesome! Im a huge believer in plant-based/veg*n diets. Have u heard of Dr Fuhrman? I highly suggest reading “eat to live”…i think u and ur husband would really take a lot from his research and dietary theories. What is a typical daily diet like for u guys?

      Which Happy Herbivore book do u have….I believe she has 2 cookbooks, but I am not sure of the difference between the two. I never heard of Peas and Thank You…Ill have to check that out. Betweeen HH and PaTY, which one do u like the best?

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