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Long time no talk!  I’m still here.  Mike and I went to Ft Lauderale for Thanksgiving.  I came back weighing the most i’ve weighed in almost my entire life OMG!  It was fun although I didn’t feel like myself.  It was almost the kick in the pants that I needed to get myself back.

I’ve lost 5.6 lbs since 11/27 and i’m hoping it’s more when I weigh in tomorrow.  Yes, I NEED to start doing that again.  I know it’s just a number but it does make a difference in my wardrobe and I DO NOT want to buy a new one.

This is an important video for anyone competing or wanting to compete.  It explains alot of what i’ve been dealing with for the past 2 years.  I have eaten healthy foods, did cardio and workouts and nothing would happen.  I do know it’s some of my own fault because after a show where i’d lose 15 lbs i’d gain that back in 2 days eating CRAP.  By the time I had reeled it in it was too late.

I’m planning on getting lean again and not competing or eating 10000 cals in one sitting the day after being dehydrated.  That’s my next goal….we’ll see how that works out.




  1. I hate seeing u struggle. Read Eat To Live by Dr Fuhrman. Another good one is Eat for Health (2 book volume). Itll help u normalize ur wt, obtain vibrant health, and stop the yo-yoing


  2. I didn’t mean for it to sound like i’m struggling now. I’m actually feeling pretty good. I just wanted others to see the video. It’s very informative. I will get to where I want and i’m doing it the right way this time. It will take longer but it will be more sustaibable.

  3. augh,team norton!!!!
    but yes,very informative video-my sister is going through the very same thing right now!
    will be forwarding the video along to her-thank you for posting!!!!
    jang in there with everything chica!!!!!!
    sending hugs your way!!!!

    • You love Team Norton lol!!

  4. *hang* not jang

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