Buns In the Oven

All the other bloggers are doing it.  Just kidding!  I’m to be old to be having babies but we are expecting…sort of.


There are 5 puppies in here and one will be ours!




We have second pick of the litter and we want another girl but we’re not that picky.  I think Boomer will be a good big sister too.  So what kind is it?  It’s a Vizsla.  We will be great owner’s because they need lots of playtime and my husband never runs out of energy.


So cute!


In other news….3 more days before the Arnold!!!  Also my “healing” is going well.  I feel so much better not stressing or overthinking things.  I think i’m headed in the right direction.


We have a name picked out but what are some of your favorite puppy names?


  1. Awwwww yay congrats!!!! It must be dog adoption season! =) The dog we just adopted is my first ever female dog but names I like are…. Eloise, Katrin, Lorelei, Miriam, Minnie, Sasha, Sabine, Sophie… etc =)
    I can’t wait to see the pup!!! You guys must be so excited!

  2. We are very excited! I’m a little nervous too. We did an awesome job with Boomer and she’s still kickin’ so we’ll welcome this little one with open arms. Mike is the dominant one and I let them rule me. Oh well 🙂 It’s my motherly instinct.

  3. awwwwwww!!!!!!
    you turkey,i fell for it–this post showed up in my reader as”buns in the oven” and i immediately clicked without reading the rest!!!
    but babies are babies,even if they have four legs and covered in fur! congrats on your soon to be new baby!
    im sure you will come up with the perfect name but sometimes you just have to look in thier eyes and face first,to get that feeling of what they should be called…
    hate to say it but thats what i did with my 2nd baby,Alexandria,the coffe dance girl.
    we couldnt agree on any names and i told myhusband i would just have to look at her first to see what her name would be…
    and we didnt decide until 10 minutes before we left the hospital,lol!
    but she def looks and acts just how an alex should!

    keep us posted!

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