Listen To Your Body

There are many ways in which your body will let you know it’s ailing…sometimes for years before you will acknowledge it. Sadly, many people will ignore common symptoms and pass them off as typical “aging” or on par for the course in their “fitness” quest. Here are just a few examples of things NOT to ignore and what they could possibly indicate:
1)Getting up to use the bathroom several times a …night= blood sugar issues or cellular dehydration in which the cells can not hold onto proper amounts of sodium. This happens often in adrenal fatigue.
2) Excess mucus/clearing of the throat= inflammation and food intolerances. Try nixing dairy and high-gluten grains.
3) Panic attacks= blood sugar issues/ hormone imbalances
4) Eyelid/Limb twitches= overworked adrenals
5) Trouble falling asleep= high cortisol/Phase1 adrenal fatigue
6) Scaly, red patches of skin that come= possible pre-cancer or squamous or basal cell skin cancer. Do NOT pass this off as rosacea or dermatitis! Get it looked at.
7) Feeling the like “you’re gonna pass out” for a moment when sitting to standing/ floaters in the eyes= low blood pressure/adrenal fatigue These are just a minor list. Listen to your body!

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  1. Very good reminders!!!!

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